Who is "Dire Wolf"?

I am no one special. I just believe that there are to many loud voices that are preaching hate and lies without enough people providing a reasoned and logical counter argument. I want to lend a voice to truth. Who I am does not matter. What matters are my ideas. 

I am a conservative, theist, skeptic. I believe that everyone should be free to live their lives the way they wish as long as they are not restricting the rights, and freedoms on another person. If you are not harming someone else, then you should live your life the way you wish.

I am a member of the United states military, a published author, a pilot, a father, a devoted husband and an artist. I am not perfect, and I will not always be right. However my interest is in finding and advocating for the truth. I am not doing what I do for validation or self-aggrandizement. If I am proven wrong I will accept it. The truth is more important than any one man's ego. 


Who is "MrFoxelot"?

Co-host of the Dire Wolf Podcast, liberalist, writer, software engineer, Eagle Scout, Webmaster for http://ZeroStrings.org  



Who is "Bone"?

World's Greatest Furry Artist, outdoorsman, painter, Knife School Graduate, and Gunpla enthusiast.

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Who is "Director Arketer"?

*!*FREE SPEECH EXTREMIST*!* Director of Arketer Labs, Founder