11 republican state senator from Oregon run from the law to avoid voting on state law.

11 Republican State Senators from Oregon have gone missing. In an absurd turn of events these republican senators have walked off the job to avoid voting on a climate change bill. Sure, they could have just voted “present” if they wanted to protest the bill, but they decided to take the more extreme rout of going AWOL because they claim that the democrat senators had been “bullying them.'' Apparently because the democrats wouldn't play nice, the republicans decided to take their ball and go home.

As it turns out, it IS against the law for an elected senator to refuse to show up to work. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has dispatched Oregon State Police to search for and escort the wayward republicans back to the senate chambers. The police have been instructed to arrest the senators should they refuse. Additionally the senators will be fined $500 per a day they remain on the lam.

One of the escaped Republican Senators Brian Boquist threatening the police on Wednesday saying: “Send bachelors and come heavily armed, I’m not going to be a political prisoner.”

Fleeing the state to thwart the bill is an unusual tactic, but it’s not the first time Oregon lawmakers have walked out on the job. In May, they left the Oregon Senate for four days to extract concessions in a school funding bill.

The bill in question this time would put major restrictions on the logging and trucking industries costing the state thousands of jobs. These restrictions are being proposed in an effort to combat climate change. In Oregon 20 senators need to be present to pass a bill. The Republicans are the minority party in Oregon, and do not have enough votes to block this bill but they do have the ability to prevent enough senators from being present for a legal vote to take place.


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