American Woman Convicted in UK for Stalking and Perverting the Course of Justice (Her Story is a doo

According to The Daily Mail, a 25 year old American woman was convicted in the United Kingdom for stalking and perverting the course of justice. Reportedly Jessica Nordquist subjected her ex-boyfriend, Mark Weeks, to a relentless' campaign of harassment during which she faked her own kidnapping and sent emails to his clients and colleagues claiming he raped her.

The pair began their relationship in June 2017 while working for the video advertising

Jessica Nordquist

company Unruly. Nordquist, a solutions

engineer, moved from New York to the London office where the two met. The pair broke up the following November.

Shortly after, Weeks reportedly received a barrage of abuse from Nordquist who created approx 20 Instagram accounts for the sole purpose of harassing him. Further, Nordquist lied to Weeks and claimed she was 8 weeks pregnant with his baby and went to the Royal London Hospital for an abortion. After Christmas the pair returned to work where Nordquist asked if they could rekindle their romance but when he rejected her, she sent him a message on Instagram saying: “I'm telling people at work I had an abortion and if they ask with who, I'll say you.”

On 5 January she sent a message, purporting to be from her friend, claiming she had taken an overdose. Mr. Weeks reportedly became “upset and concerned” and called the police.

Six days later Nordquist began sending e-mails to herself and Mr Weeks made to look as though they were from a third party that was blackmailing them. Nordquist also sent tagged posts to his clients and coworkers accusing him of rape.

On 26 January Nordquist went to the Bethnal Green police station telling officers she and Mr. Weeks were being stalked. Her phone and iPad were sized and officers discovered internet history researching fake emails and stalking; further digging uncovered searches for “fake babies” and an Amazon order for a silicon baby bump. She also researched whether police can track where emails are sent from. After the interaction with the police The Guardian Newspaper indicates Nordquist was issued a harassment warning on 24 January and was charged in February with one count of stalking and two counts of malicious communications.

Nordquist was due to appear in court on 4 May however on 19 April members of her family, friends, colleagues as well as Mr. Weeks received an email purporting to be from an alleged crime group, claiming they had raped and kidnapped her. Photographs of her naked, bound and gagged were attached, and further emails claimed her fingers had been broken.

An investigation was launched by police and investigators discovered a kidnap note pinned

to the front door Nordquist’s flat in Whitechapel. Ultimately she was found by Police on 21 April alone, safe and well at a Bed & Breakfast in the Scottish Highlands. The Police indicated she had in her possession two disguise kits and camping equipment.

Nordquist asserted she had been kidnapped by a real-life James Bond named Max Brown who she met at a Soho bar. She claimed the MI5 agent handed her a manila envelope containing photos of her having sex with Mr Weeks and told the court the photos were taken via a secret camera installed in her lightbulb. She said she was raped on 19 April after three men, including Max Brown, came to her apartment. Nordquist claimed she was then kidnapped and taken to Scotland on a train.

Nordquist, was found guilty on 11 October of two counts of stalking involving serious alarm/distress, two counts of malicious communications and perverting the course of public justice. Nordquist was sentenced to four-and-a-half years after which she faces being deported back to the US. The Sentencing, Judge Paul Southern told Nordquist: “Your conduct has to be seen as an attack against the criminal justice system by diverting scarce police resources.” Metro UK reported: Detective Constable Joanne Farrell hoped the severity of the sentence imposed on Nordquist would encourage male victims who were traditionally reluctant to report domestic abuse to come forward. “Throughout the investigation and trial, Nordquist has shown she is a compulsive liar and deeply manipulative.” “She was offered numerous opportunities to admit her offending and receive help but she repeatedly refused to do so, forcing the need for a trial.”

Nordquist to this day still maintains her innocence despite the jury’s guilty verdict.


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