British MP Throws A protester out of a private event

Mark Fields Grabbing Janey Barker

Last Thursday there was a black tie dinner event in London attended by politicians and Bankers where they expected to hear speeches by Chancellor Philip Hammond and the Bank of England's governor Mark Carney. The Even was full of wealthy and influential people but apparently did not have any security. This lead to 40 climate protestors dressed in red attempting to rush into the private event, with a few attempting to take the microphone to demand action on climate change.

A video from the event shows one protestors Janet Barker was caught by Foreign Office Minister Mark Fields, who pushed her into a wall, and then grabbed her by the back of the neck and frog marched her out of the event.

Multiple MPs and the event praised Fields from his quick reaction and several clapped for him. Some defended his action by saying that in the current environment of political violence and with the rise in acid and knife attacks, it was reasonable to treat her as possibly armed.


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