Dire Wolf Media Journalistic Standards

Dire Wolf Media is dedicated to honest and accurate journalism and commentary. We have multiple independent citizen journalists and commentators that contribute to our site but they are all held to the same standards.This article is to explain the standards required for all articles that are published on this site.


- All articles must be submitted for editing and review prior to posting. Contributors that post articles without review will lose their permission to post articles for Dire Wolf Media.

- If a contributor submits or attempts to publish articles without providing credible sources or intentionally miss-represents data they will lose their permission to post articles for Dire Wolf Media.

- All contributors are expected to follow all of the standards listed in this article.


- Do not knowingly publish false stories, hoaxes, deceptive edits, or misrepresent sources.

- Every article will include multiple sources, including a sources for every factual claim, reference to another article, data point or quote. Sources will be embedded in the stories i in the paragraph(s) including the information sourced. Do not use uncredible sources for factual claims, other than to quote a statement from that sources. (I.E. if CNN says "80% of gun owners commit gun crimes", you may quote that they said this, but do not state that "80% of gun owners commit gun crimes.")

- When you reference a source that is referencing another sources, reference the original source.

- Every article will include the following canned statement:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post was written by [Author's Name]. If you want to support content like this please support him on Patreon [HERE] We are determined to produce accurate and well sourced news and opinion articles. If you discover an error in our reporting please contact our team at contactdirewolf@gmail.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Should a correction or update be submitted, it will be reviewed by the Dire Wolf team. If a correction is determined to be valid the article will be amended and the change will be documented below the canned reporting statement like this:



- [ Day-Month-Year] We removed for edited [The original statement summary] due to it's inaccuracy. We apologize for the error. The correct [data/statement/context/events/facts] are/were [The corrected information summary]


If an update is determined to be valid the change will be documented below the canned reporting statement, and after any corrections like this:



- [ Day-Month-Year] [Update to Story]


- All articles will clearly differentiate between Opinions and News. Both opinions and news articles require the standards of ethical and accurate sourcing. News articles must be published under the news category, and must present objective facts, quotes from relevant experts, credible sources, and subjects of the article but not personal opinions or predictions. Opinion articles will be published under the opinion category. Keep in mind, that categorizing your article as opinion does not permit you to distort facts. The "Community Updates" category is not statements about upcoming changes and events. Do use that category. All Articles will be given a category.

- Do not publish any article with a misleading or dramatized headline. There is no room for clickbait. Of course we prefer people to READ our articles, but we have to recognize that many people only read the title of an article before forming an opinion. We do not want to be responsible for miss-leading someone.


- Our podcast occasionally has sponsors, and those sponsors are mentioned clearly in the videos they sponsored. Our ethical standard for who we accept as a sponsor for videos is very high. We do not provide any positive review in return for their sponsorship. We do not read canned statements. We only endorse products we have used and personally support. That said. Our news articles are community funded alone. Contributors are not permitted to write any sponsored articles. No company sponsors our new production.

- All contributors will include in their bio the following information:

- Any Business category they have been employed in or are employed in now. You do not need to say the name of the company. For example Dire Wold wrote he is in the DoD, he did not say what branch, unit or what he does in the DoD. This is for the purpose identifying any conflict of interest a contributor might have.

- The current country of residence.

- Brief description of political/religious orientation.

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