The Left Support the Murder of Children

The New York state legislature passed a law allowing abortions after 24 weeks if the mother's health is at risk or there is an absence of fetal viability. as defined in case Doe v. Bolton, The mother’s health includes mental health.

That’s right, in New York it’s legal to kill your child all the way up to the moment before birth IF a doctor determines that child will affect the mental health of the mother. What kind of ridiculous standard is that? EVERY child effects the mental health of their parent, having children is a HUGE commitment. Children are very they are expensive. Children will be one of the biggest stresses in your life if you choose to have one. It’s also not only possible but likely that the radical left and the very Pro-abortion and Anti-child third wave feminists will use this law to allow the killing of a fully formed, living children shortly before birth because of the INCONVENIENCE of having a child would be a burden on the mental health of the mother.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the act also repeals criminal penalties for violent crimes that cause the death of a woman’s unborn child. Previously, any person who was not a licensed physician who intentionally caused a woman to miscarry her child was liable to a felony.

New York Democrats have literally made it legal to kill children. I am not being dramatic. This is not hyperbole. That is an accurate statement.

Not only is it legal to kill a child about to be born because it is not wanted, which is horrendous on its own, but it is also no longer a crime to kill SOMEONE ELSE’s child, that THEY DO WANT, that they see as their child. How are you protecting the human rights of the expecting mother, who has spent a month preparing for their child, named their child, who already love their child, who talks to their baby, who plays music for their baby because they think it’ll make them smarter. This child that is very real, very wanted, why is it not murder to kill this child? It is not considered murder Just to justify that you are allowing doctors to do this same thing?

The left always goes on about protecting people who are helpless against systematic oppression. Why then are they oppressing children who are the most helpless members of society? If an expecting mother can convince a mental health professional her child will cause her undue stress, that person can approve of her killing her child up until the day of its birth.

Sadly the assault on our children by the left is not limited to the New York state border. In fact, allowing women unfettered rights to abortion, up to the day of its birth is part of the Democrat platform. Their platform, published on the official DNC website, says they will provide safe and legal abortion, full stop no limitations. Hillary Clinton said point blank during his 2016 election campaign that she would support abortion up to the day of birth, and in 2002 Obama voted against the “Born Alive Act” that would have protected babies that are born alive from being aborted post birth. It should surprise no one if they were opposed to giving personhood to a living baby in 2002 that they would support a bill today that allows mothers to kill babies post birth today.

Seven similar bills to the one passed in New York have been submitted in Rhode Island and another similar bill in Virginia that would have also expanded legal abortion up to, and directly AFTER birth. Thankfully this bill was defeated but it was supported by many democrat political leaders in Virginia, which we all should find disturbing.

A Virginia lawmaker sent an email to her constituents Wednesday night apologizing for attaching her name to a controversial abortion bill without reading it closely enough.

I think it may be appropriate at this point to say, “YOU HAD ONE JOB.”

Yeah, what exactly did you think people in Virginia elected you for? It certainly wasn’t to just rubber stamp any law submitted by your party, or let’s be honest, written by a lobbying group that funded your campaign. That’s right, you ACTUALLY NEED TO READ and know the laws that you are trying to pass. Are you going to say “Whoopsie, we shouldn’t have passed that law to exterminate babies, damn we should have read that bill a little closer.” Hey,.. Maybe if the Nazis had tried that excuse they would have gotten away with it.

And, let’s be clear, this policy is a eugenics policy, morally no different than what the Nazis did when they killed people with mental and physical disabilities. In fact, Planned Parenthood has a much larger body count, conducting it’s own little holocaust each year. Hitler Exterminated up to 20,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and American performed over 600k abortions a year.

Another dark correlation is how both the Democrats and the Nazi praised these killings as a moral good. We have feminists who write articles and wear T-shirts bragging about having an abortion, we have people cheering for the right to kill a newborn. These abortion enthusiasts praise themselves for murder like The Nazis who celebrated their 10,000th “patient” they euthanized in 1941, serving beer and wine in the crematorium where they burned them.

Dawn Adams, Democrat from Richmond received a lot of public backlash for her support the Virginia abortion bill. After the public became aware of what it included they demanded to know why she supported it. She apologized saying she “did not exercise due diligence” before co-sponsoring the abortion legislation with Del. Kathy Tran, D-Fairfax. Tran became the focus of a firestorm this week after a video circulated of her saying the bill would allow abortions up until the moment of birth if one doctor certified that the mother’s physical or mental health was at risk.

“I made a mistake, and all I know to do is to admit it, tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may,” said Adams, who is a first-term delegate.

Most other Democrats are standing by Tran, the response from Adams is the strongest public showing of regret from a lawmaker associated with the abortion bill, which has already been defeated. I’m glad the bill was defeated, but it should trouble everyone that it was proposed and is still defended by so many Democrats. Not surprised no, but disturbed for sure.

Adams, a nurse practitioner, said she still believes women have “full authority to decide what is best for themselves and their bodies.” She excused her actions by stating that she mistakenly believed Tran’s bill would only repeal “onerous” abortion restrictions Republicans imposed in 2012.

What are these onerous abortion restrictions you ask? Virginia passed a bill requiring that abortion clinics meet the same requirements as hospitals including meeting safety requirements for the facility, require that they are inspected, are able to perform certain medical procedures and maintain detailed patient records. These requirements were put in place because unsafe, and unsanitary abortion clinics are a huge problem in the US and particularly in Virginia. 68 women die each year and over all 5 Million women suffer long term injury due to unsafe abortions. The Democrats are so opposed to ANY restrictions on abortions they are even against requiring them to be inspected or to meet basic health and safety standards. Nor do they required them to have the ability to respond to complications during the abortions. These restrictions were not unreasonable. So, Sorry, your excuse just shows you are even more of a fucking retard than we thought, hopefully, no one decided to abort you for being mentally disabled.

Adams also said: “While it did (remove those restrictions), it sought to do much more,” “Had I researched each line of removed language, I would have seen that and know that there was more research to be done. None of this changes that I believe women must have safe legal options for abortion, but I also would have seen the utility of language that provides guidelines for how to ensure this.”

You literally just supported a bill that would make abortions LESS safe, make those medical facilities LESS accountable, and you say you are for “SAFE” abortions? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

Adams said she’ll continue to support Tran, but she said her colleague was put in an “untenable situation.”

Translation: I really support her and the bill but I still need votes from the center to get re-elected so sorry, not sorry.

Oh did someone FORCE her to support child murder? sorry I stand corrected… did someone force you to support LESS SAFE child murder?

House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, asked Tran if a woman would be able to request an abortion as she was going into labor. Tran said that would be allowed under her bill. Don’t take our word for it though. Listen for yourself. 

Kathy Tran is a monster for sponsoring this bill even though it was defeated. On the same day that she voted in favor of killing children on the day of their birth, she voted to protect worms. Gypsy Moth Larva and Fall Cankerworms to be precise. You heard me. Invertebrate Lives Matter. Human children? Not so much to Kathy Tran.

She, along with other Democrats in the US always try to frame the debate around “A woman’s right to control her body”. This is an argument based on a falsehood. No one is trying to control a women’s bodies. No one is trying to force women to have children. There are many options for both birth control and for child care after a woman gives birth. Adoption comes to mind for example.

If Tran's statements weren’t bad enough, The Virginian Governor Ralph Northam coming to her defense was ten times worse.

What they truly desire is the removal of the basic responsibility that comes with having sexual intercourse at the expense of the lives of innocents. If you are having sex, you are risking pregnancy because no method of birth control is 100 percent effective.

Let’s cut to the root of the problem here, I hit on the first part, Ideology. The reason they support this insane policy is that they prescribe to an ideology that is selfish, and one that shuns personal accountability. These are aspects of both collectivism and Marxism. However, in addition, these politicians have created an incestuous financial relationship between the abortion industry and the government that directly benefits them.

Here’s how it works, The government gives millions in tax dollars to fund planned parenthood. The Heritage Foundation reported they received 1.5 billion over a 3 year period. Planned parenthood them gives Millions of those tax dollars back to politicians for their campaigns, intern for those politicians supporting more funding and fewer restrictions for planned parenthood. In this case Kathy Tran, received $2k from planned parenthood for here support, and governor for Virginia Ralph Northam who also defended this policy was given $2 Mil for his support. And who says there’s no wage gap,... I guess that’s the going rate for politicians these days

New Mexico is next.

In New Mexico, pro-abortion lawmakers have introduced HB 51 which would repeal the law which had banned abortion except in cases of rape, incest, fetal disability, and when the pregnancy is likely to result in “grave impairment” of physical or mental health.

Additionally, HB 51 would also repeal a section of New Mexico law that provides religious and moral exemptions for health care workers and hospitals that opt not to participate in performing abortions.

That means regardless of your faith, you will be forced to fund abortions. It isn’t enough to have clinics, the left wants to force those pesky Catholics to support killing babies too. I feel like if you can’t force a random feminist to take part in morning mass than you can’t force a priest to pay for an abortion


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