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Updated: Dec 1, 2018

The Washington Post published an article on 28 October that attempted to compare the violence of the left to the violence of the right and say that the Right in America has been more violent in comparison. The problem with this article is first, that their focus is to say violence from one side is ok, and not from another. The Focus should be to condemn violence from either side. Second, after condemning the violence their focus should be on condemning calls to violence from either side.

Violence is defined “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.”

The post wrote that Violence is sending bombs to President Trump’s political targets. Violence is body-slamming a reporter who dares to ask a question. Violence is driving a car into a crowd, killing a young woman. Violence is killing unarmed African American youths. Violence is wife beating, sexual assault and child molestation (not demanding that accused wife beaters and sexual predators be held accountable and at the very least disqualified from high office.) Violence is forcibly separating young children from their parents (not calling out such treatment as inhumane).

The context of this article is to say that all of these things are violence from the right. First, conservatives condemn the killing of unarmed and innocent people, sending bombs to Trump's targets, the beating of wives, and the sexual assault of children however they are not willing to condemn someone of a crime they has not been proven. More importantly, you can’t contribute acts of violence to a political party that condemns those acts of violence. The political right has never called for or justified these offenses.

that is other than the forcible separation of children at the border was due to laws passed by a democrat congress under a democrat president, but most importantly, the separation of kids at the border is a consequences of those children’s parents brought on themselves breaking the law with a known consequence.

The Washington post said that those acts of violence by individuals on the right were not comparable to the actions of the left, but only described the actions from the left as “refusing to serve a White House press secretary dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant, yelling at people in restaurants, making mean jokes at a charity event, and peacefully occupying a government building to protest.”

The problem with this article is that they are not honest about the amount and type of violence that comes from the left or the fact that it is condoned and justified by the left. The violence from members of the right isn’t ok because the violence form the left is worse. Clearly we need to call out the violence from all sides as being morally wrong. However, the Washington post and regressives like them will never be morally consistent to do that if they are not honest about the violence that comes from their side.

The acts of violence form their side also includes the mob style assaults of innocent people, the destruction of property, the intimidation and silencing of critics, the attack on peaceful right wing demonstrators, the disruption of traffic, the attacks on motorists, the burning of building, looting, all this and much more made worse by left wing politicians encouraging it, and left wing media justifying it. These things are the same, it that they are wrong from any side, they are different in that republicans do not justify the violence or hatred of any groups. But the left are justifying and encouraging the hatred against straight white men, and those with differing opinions.

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