This male conservative politician says he’s now a woman, so he can talk about abortion.

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Senator O’Sullivan of Queensland Australia is a pro-Live advocate who has pushed for an end to late term abortions. He said that it didn’t make sense to legalize the killing of children that are “minutes from being smacked on he ass and given a name.” He has also argued that sense pro-choice advocates have successful block counter protests at some of their events, that they should then not be permitted to protest at pro-life events. These opinions have gained him pretty harsh criticism from the Left.

Late term abortion include children that have had 24 weeks of gestations up to the day of birth around 36 weeks. Late term abortion are barbaric, there’s no way to sugarcoat it without being dishonest. Late term abortion involve the killing of fully formed children that could live outside the mother. But this story isn’t about late term abortions, it’s about O’sullivan and his humorous way of dealing with the left saying that men like us aren’t aloud to have opinions about abortions.

O’Sullivan put it this way when speaking on the senate: "We can't open our traps, you cannot say the word abortion without being attacked by this mob of almost — I'd say grubs if I didn't think you were gonna make me withdraw it, Mr Acting Deputy President, but it's out there now,"

One of the common responses to pro-life politicians like O’sullivan is that he should not talk about women’s issues sense they are not Women. They’d say things like “why are a bunch of old white men deciding what women can do with their bodies?” Which is stupid, because it was men who decided on the president and the laws that legalized abortion in the first place. Should men not have decided that as well? The fact is that men, women, black or white, we all have the right to discuss the morals, values and laws in our society. More specifically, we are discussing not what you are doing to yourself, but what you are doing to the child inside you. You see, you have rights, but so does the child.

O’Sullivan’s response to the regressive mob yelling that he can’t have an opinion because he’s a man, was to say “ok, then I am no longer a man.” In a debate in in the Senate he responded to one such attempt to silence him by saying that he is in fact now a woman.

Surprisingly, to NO ONE, O’Sullivan publicly declaring that he is now a trans woman on the senate floor did not result in praise and support from the regressive left, those champions of trans rights. Buzzfeed news published an article in which they called her “Him” the entire article, which by the regressive left’s own standard, misgendering “is violence” as Everyday Feminism wrote. They definitely should be careful misgendering people because in California the law SB 219 has actually made misgendering someone punishable by $1000 fines AND up to one year in jail.

Yeah, that seems pretty “Transphobic” of Buzzfeed hu? They went on to claim that O’Sullivan had been planning this stunt, and because of this that it wasn’t legitimate. However it’s been the left, and Buzzfeed themselves that have advocated that a person can change their gender at will, does it then matter if it was premeditated? Are they saying they are the arbiters of who’s made up gender is real or not? It’s a slippery slope. They can't ask us to accept and make concessions for every gender identity and ignore the realities of biological sex, and then decide not to recognize the chosen identity of of someone they disagree with. This is the natural consequence of a movement that aims to remove all distinction between male and female,... you’ll suddenly lose the ability to say everything is men’s fault, if there is no difference between men and women won’t you.

All joking aside, the take away from this story is that the feminists politicians are stupid and wrong to say that men can’t have opinions on abortion or women’s health. For the same reason that women are aloud to have opinions on matters that affect men, like the possible abortion or birth of their child. Second, this story demonstrating both the absurdity and hypocrisy of gender politics. Once again Buzzfeed, you are Fake News.


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