Trump Supporters attacked outside Minnesota Rally

Trump has held regular Rallies around the country that are still attracting massive crowds. His rally this Thursday in Minnesota maxed out the event hall with 20,000 people. If there’s one thing Trump is good at, it’s attracting crowds. Both of his supporters and of angry, left-wing radicals like ANTIFA.

ANTIFA and other left wing activists like to attend most conservative speaking events, and definitely every trump rally to show how they think Trump is a dangerous authoritarian bigot, by attacking Trump's Supporters. Multiple videos show left wing protestors attacking trump supporters unprovoked, stealing their hats, gathering them together and burning them in the street. I am not sure if they realize that their acts of unprovoked violence and destruction of property will do nothing but show Trump supporters they are right to support him. It will likely also convince moderates to support him. Even if Trump was the Bigot they claim he is, he’d still seem like a moderate compared to ANTIFA.

ANTIFA violence is nothing new. However, the question is, did the media report on it honestly? Well, to our absolute lack of shock, very few did. When “The Hill” reported on the story, they said there were “clashes” between left and right wing protestors, that bottles of urine were thrown into the crowd, and that the police eventually made arrests. The truth is that the perpetrators of the violence were entirely on the left. ONLY ANTIFA were throwing those bottles. ONLY ANTIFA that were throwing objects at police officers and their horses. It was ANTIFA that were spiting on Trump supporters. It was ANTIFA who were arrested by police, not Trump supporters. The Hill’s report was ENTIRELY dishonest. And of course, predictable. After all, we can’t expect biased media outlets like theirs to report honestly on narrative breakers like this anytime soon.

I’m not sure what’s worse, The Hill lying about what happened or most other left wing news outlets refusing to cover it.


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