Wolf On Deployment.


That's right Cubs! encase you missed it, I am going on another XXXXX Long Deployment. This sadly means that there will be some changes coming to the show. The first of which is that I will be on our podcast On the the 26th, 29th and 3rd. The Show will be Run by Vincent, Clyde and Bone. Don't worry, we have a lot of fun and informative stuff planned for you while I am gone. On the 29th For instance there will be another Art Raffle! Bone will be creating a beautiful piece of art live on stream and it will be raffled off to one of the lucky viewers that buys a $5 raffle ticket.

Once I do get settled in at my deployed location I will find out what my schedule and availability will be like. Until then I won't know if their will be any changes to current schedule, but their likely will be. The times may change, but we are still planning to do the following:

1- Saturday Weekly News Recap

1- Open Line Wednesday Call in Show

3 - Game stream each week. Sunday, Monday and Friday on twitch.

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