Why is there an International Day for Men?

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

November 19th was International Men’s day. A day to draw attention to issues that uniquely affect men, a group that “Usually” doesn’t spend much time pushing for change in areas where they are treated differently in society. However, there has been a growing men’s rights movement as a direct response to the attacks on men, and masculinity by the regressive left and 3rd wave feminism. Year round we’ve heard the dull drum beat in the distance of the regressive left saying how privileged, evil and oppressive men are. However on this ONE day, many took time to shine a light on how men are unfairly treated in our Society.

Here are a few facts you can share with the next feminist that wants to say how oppressed she feels by the imaginary patriarchy:

1- Women abuse Men more often in relationships: In the past 38 years, more than 270 studies, with an aggregate sample size of more than 440,000, have found that “women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners” from teenage years on. Since studies of teen dating violence began in the eighties, researchers have found that female high school students are four times as likely as male high school students to be the sole abuser of the other sex (5.7% vs. 1.4%).

2 - Men’s lives are more dangerous. Men make up 93% of workplace death, because we work the dangerous jobs women are not willing to do or are unable to do. Men are the majority of the military that fight for and defend our country. Men do this not because they are forced to but because we have a culture that leads men to self sacrifice for their country and their families. It’s also inherent in our biology. At the same time, Men make the vast majority of the victims of violent crimes, including murder, theft, and assault. It is dangerous to be a man.

3 - Men makeup 76% of the suicides, and 85% of our homeless. Much more is expected of men, to provide for themselves and others, and there are far less resources to help them. There are far fewer men’s shelter’s than women’s, despite them being the majority of the homeless. The homelessness and the general vilification of men, in addition to their unfair treatment in divorce proceedings great contribute to the high suicide rate.

4 - The legal system in biased against men. Men on average serve 64% longer sentences than women, and are 3.4 times more likely to be imprisoned than a woman for the SAME crime. In a divorce women usual get preferential custody of the children and lay claim to unfair and unproportional amount of a man's income for the rest of his life. A system that is often abused by the women who are able to care for themselves or get a new partner who care for them. These woman that abuse the system by never getting married to their new partners and continue to bleed their X-Husbands Dry.

5 - lastly, men and boys are treated in our society as they were born wrong. Instead of being taught to harness and direct their energy and competitiveness they are taught to suppress it. They are treated by oppressors, for doing well, and they are called rapists for even looking at a girl who’s not interested. Where as women are treated as someone who should be guarded and cared for, men are seen as criminals and disposable. For all these reasons and more, this is why there is, and should be a Men’s movement.

If you feel it is silly for us to point this out, it’s because we need. We need to because of people like those at Huffpo that published an article asking the question: “why do we need an International Men’s Day when we’ve already got the whole year.” “Last time we checked, men, as a group, still run the world. Make more money. Run most governments, media, religions, armies. That sort of thing.”

The Huffpo like many on the regressive left think it is silly for there to be a day where we praise the contribution of men and focus on the issue they are concerned about. these same outlets are the same ones constantly attacking men year round. This is why we need international men’s day. So please show the good men in your lives that you care about them today, and thank them for what they’ve done in your life. We at Dire Wolf Media also encourage you to get involved next year if you agree that men's issues matter. Get involved if you believe in equal treatment under the law no matter your sex.


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