Worst journalist of the Year Don Lemon ends CNN as a source of credible news.

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

In a recent and ever more frequent tirade, Worst journalist of the year Don Lemon (Worst Journalist of the year) obviously considered his position as the aforementioned Worst Journalist of the Year to be in jeopardy from his contemporary CNN Journalist, Jim Acosta and his constant Dear Diary Twitter rants about Donald Trump. So what did our erstwhile worst journalist of the year do to remedy this? He said the following:

I suppose after seeing this clip of worst journalist of the year Don Lemon (Worst journalist of the year) openly asking where the ban on White men is, that it might actually be a bad time to show you this picture of his Boyfriend.

How awkward was the first moment he saw his boyfriend after calling for a ban on white men?

Tim Poole, liberal Journalist and youtuber, has always been one to defend CNN as a news gathering organization. He recently made a video regarding this statement issued by the Lemon and stated that he could no longer use CNN as his go to news source because while Fox News is highly partisan, they rarely say things that are as blatantly racist or ridiculous as this.

Way to go, Worst Journalist of the Year Don Lemon (worst Journalist of the Year) you finally destroyed CNN.


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